Raymond Kresha

Cedar Fever Relief: Treatment and Cure

Cedar Fever is a problem for many Hill Country residents, especially in the Austin-San Antonio area where I live. After at least 20 years of personal experience and considerable research, I want to share some ways to make things easier. I am not the only one, according to this popular Texas Monthly article.

Managing the effects of the pollen helps a person get through the "season". The goal is to control the symptoms of a temporary irritant and prevent them from becoming an "allergy" and/or a sinus infection. It can also become bronchitis and pneumonia if not taken care of.

Most of the local TV stations also report these levels on their weathercasts. KENS-TV 5 in San Antonio is one example of a station that shows allergen levels.

This is a close-up of a branch with pods and scales in the Central Texas Hill Country, of the juniperus ashei, known as Mountain Cedar. The second photo is of the pollen itself taken with an electron microscope, courtesy of the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Some of the largest populations of Mountain Cedar are in the Central Texas area, according to this website. A map of the area appears here: