Raymond Kresha

Proving Heaven 2.0

Making Sense of ALL-THAT-IS

Proving Heaven 2.0

This book is the product of 40 years of soul-sarching for the anwers to Life's most enduring questions. Find answers to:

"Who are we?"

"Why are we here?"

"What is the Purpose of Life?"

"How does one deal with evil?"

"Is God evil? After all, He created this world."

"Are people of faith out-of-touch with reality?"

"Is Heaven on Earth possible?"

"Why do people die?"

"Does God even care what happens to people on Earth?"

Are you ready for an incredible leap of faith awakening into Heaven, the eternal Utopia we all distantly remember, where pain, sorrow, disappointment, and fear are no longer remembered and Life is filled with Love, Joy, and Peace the magnitude of an atomic bomb? Are you even remotely interested?