Raymond Kresha

Hernandez Family Books

by Raymond Kresha, husband of Mary Dionicia Hernandez

These books are the result of 45 years of family visits, genealogical research, photography, two trips to Mexico, and numerous visits with family members about family history.

A Search for Hernandez Family Roots in Central Mexico

A visual look at the origins of Sebastian Hernandez and Dionicia Guebara from central Mexico. This book combines photographs from a 1995 visit and daughter Romana's recollections of her parents and what life was like. Brief historical sketches are included to give historical context to the turbulent world of the early 20th century that led them to flee Mexico to Texas and start a new life.

Available in keepsake hardback, ebook, or paperback.

Hernandez-Guebara Family History

Origins: Mexico-Texas-Nebraska, An American Story

The Hernandez's and Guebaras left Mexico in the throes of the long-running Mexican Revolution to seek safety and work. This is both a story of how these two familes found each other and their descendants. It is both of story of what it was like in the last century, in Romana Hernandez Ramirez' own words, as well as a genealogical resource for family members.