Raymond Kresha

Kresha Family Books

Kresha Family Roots in Moravia and

Branches in America - 2018

by Raymond Glenn Kresha, Jr

- a sequel to "The Kresha Families in America, 1888-1988" by Lillian Kresha Witulski. KFIA is out of print.

Detailed story of the Kresha surname in America. This research-basedvolume includes the story of the Kresha family with, dating back to 1620 in Moravia (present-day Czech Republic (Czechia)). Theodore, Anna, Adolf, Amalia, and Joseph Kresha came over to eastern Nebraska in the 1880's/1890 and have spread to many states around the country.

The Kresha's (originally 'Kressa") were "German Bohemians" who got caught in religious politics over the centuries. They were originally free men, but were forced into peasantry for 100's of years, but eventually things changed and came to the US looking for opportunity, to avoid forced conscription at age 15... and looking for the free land available in eastern Nebaska, kicked off by he Homestead Act. Features a long remembrance of Adolf Franz Kresha's life in the 1939's, by Lillian Kresha Witulski!

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