Raymond Kresha

Ray's Videos on YouTube

I enjoy working with video and wanted you to see some of the videos I have uploaded over the years.

Canyon Lake Gorge

This video was made after a visit to the "Gorge" that was created in 2002 after a flood that flowed over the Canyon Lake Dam's overflow, exposing many layers of ancient geological history!

Wild Texas Armadillo Tears up grass

While doing some landscape photography east of Wimberley, TX, I saw this little armadillo looking for his supper. He was so focussed on his task he did not see me right away.

I ususally see them dead on the road - it was a treat to see one active and alive.

Barky the Ringtail Cat: Release From Jail

We had a home that was vacant for two years. It apparently had been invaded by ringtail cats who gouged their way into the crawl space and used it as a nursery. After a few years we finally figured out what all of the noises INSIDE the house were: ringtails.

We were able to trap one using a havahart trap (seen in video). We determined to move him somewhere where he wouldn't come back: Ringtail Ridge, on the west side of San Marcos, TX. Ringtails see very well at night, but not so good in the daytime, I'm told. In any case, it wasn't easy to release him into the wild!