Raymond Kresha

Travel Videos

I love to travel and have visited 36 countries and have been to all seven continents. I have used my degree in radio-tv-film to put together videos with original photos, labels, music background, and narration to bring the visits to life. If you'd like to feel like you traveled along with us, check out the YouTube videos below. They can be found on my channel, >rkresha<.

The Soul of Ireland - Grand Tour of Ireland 2019

Scandinavia: The Capitals & The Fjords with Russian Extension - 2018

Grand Tour of New Zealand with Fiji Extension - 2018

Grand Tour of Australia - 2018

Antartica Expedition - 2017

Highlights of Eastern Europe with Berlin Extension - 2015

China Signature Tour: Beijing & Shanghai with Hong Kong Extension - 2014

Portugal, Spain, and Morocco with Barcelona Extension - 2013

Grand Tour of South America with Amazon Extension - 2013

The Wonders of Ancient Israel with Petra Extension - 2011

The Greek Islands with Istanbul Extension - 2010